Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Deaconess and her Father on Family Vocations

Every once in a while one is delighted to find a book that expresses the truth in a way that one always hopes it could be articulated - simply, straight to the point, and in accord with Biblical teaching! This volume by Deaconess Mary Moerbe and her father, Gene Edward Veith, does just that with a topic that so desperately needs to be dusted off and discussed over shared cups of coffee. Sections of the book deal with the vocation of husband and wife; the vocation of parent; and the vocation of childhood. Everyone can benefit from this book, married or unmarried, with or without children. (Moerbe and Veith point out that all have the vocation of childhood, for our entire lives, even if only in terms of being the children of our heavenly Father!) Bottom line - Our six children will all be getting it for Christmas, and in the meantime, it's the first thing on my agenda to study in the fall Woman to Woman classes. Thank you Deaconess Mary and dad, for this great book! (Available from Crossway. $15.99)

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