Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, "Little Girl"

Well, this day finally came, and way too soon. Today our youngest child turns twenty. No more teenagers in the family. Just six adult children, with some of them sporting their own "growing" families.

This marching on of time and proliferation of anniversaries is happening in other areas of life too. Most notably, the "Concordia Deaconess Program" at Concordia University Chicago is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Having started in the fall of 1980, this training program has provided a host of dedicated young (and sometimes older) women for diaconal service in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Our own "little girl" - the one who turns twenty today - just happens to be in the Chicago training program!

Life moves quickly, so it's important to take time to celebrate those birthdays, whether they are for people or important organizations. Yes, today is a good day to think about the many gifts and blessings with which we have been blessed by God, and the sheer amount of years that He has been blessing us with such gifts!