Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Deaconess Martha S. Boss Commemorative Book

Serving the Lord with Joy - A Pioneer of The Lutheran Church-Hong Kong Synod
: Deaconess Martha S. Boss Commemorative Book

This 123-page book was just published by the Social Service Committee of The Lutheran Church-Hong Kong Synod. Contributors to the collection of stories about Deaconess Martha S. Boss (1913-1973) are the very people whom she served and/or worked with in China and Hong Kong for over 27 years.

The stories are heart-warming and include titles such as: "An Honorable Benefactress," "My First Piano Teacher," "My Big Sister," "From Temporariness to Eternity," and "My Beloved Deaconess." These tributes show the large and loving influence that Deaconess Boss had on the Chinese population, particularly in Hong Kong, while she spent her life in service to God and those who needed to know His love in Jesus Christ.

Martha is described as a woman for whom no task was either too small or too great - and in the midst of whatever she was doing, the people to whom she brought her ministry of mercy knew that they were loved both by her and by God.

This is an inspiring volume - which I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone interested in mission work, the work of deaconesses abroad, or in examining how one humble deaconess made a huge impact on the lives of countless others as she acted on her love for them.

ISBN: 978-988-99256-9-7

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