Thursday, September 3, 2009

Before Paying with Plastic

Remember the days when "paying with plastic" was the exception rather than the norm? Yes, there was such a time... not really that long ago... and I've recently discovered that there are some places that still operate their business with this assumption.

In our own lovely little village, which we moved to from the larger Pittsburgh area in May, there are still places that only accept cash payment. These include establishments that people go for to for entertainment and socialization, for example, the movie theater and the local ice cream shop.

These kind of hold-outs for the old-time ways might feel like an inconvenience with one's first patronage of them. But after that it's fun. I mean, it's like stepping back just a little bit in time, to a less complicated, less rushed time in history, in which every corner of life was not yet infiltrated by technology - or by plastic!

I like to live a simpler life when possible!

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