Wednesday, March 11, 2009

NOW is OUR History

Most of the time we live for the present. When we start applying to colleges, find a soul mate, or hit a midlife crisis we also tend to live for the future. The interesting thing is that our present and our future are completely intertwined with our past. Our present and future days are influenced and even driven by our personal history, our family history, our nation’s history, and our church’s history.

As individuals, we know some of our history and other parts are full of mystery. In the Footsteps of Phoebe is a project designed to document and discuss an overlooked area of modern church history that affected, and is still affecting, the church and its members, the role of women in the church, exegetical issues and Christian belief.

NOW is OUR history. And as we live out our lives we want to be remembered for making wise decisions and prudent choices that are good for our families, our nation, our church, and ourselves. Our primary guide for discernment is God’s Word, A lamp to our feet and a light to our path (Ps. 119:105) But we do need to examine how God’s Word has already been applied (or not!) in any similar circumstances and happenings that have brought us to this point in time. We remember our history so that we can emulate its good examples and avoid the repetition of mistakes. We evaluate where we have been so that we can move into the future with certainty and hope.

NOW is OUR history. Let’s learn from it together!


  1. I couldn't agree with you more. I recently read an article entitled, "Accepting False History Impedes the Development of the Human Race." Thank you for bringing the true history of the deaconess movement in our Synod to press. May many people grow to appreciate the vocation of deaconess within the Body of Christ, so that we have both women to serve and places for them to carry out their service.

  2. I love history--world history, American history, family history, and church history. History helps define who we are and gives us some direction for the future. Congratulations on publishing your work. As a woman in the Church, I look forward to reading it.

  3. I have been most appreciative of the services that deaconesses have offered the church ever since I first observed deaconesses at work in Bethesda Lutheran Home in the 1940's. Thank you for researching and writing their history. I look forward to obtaining and reading a copy as soon as it is available.